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A beautiful smile is essential for an individual image. With a straight face, it improves your confidence as well as self-esteem. Irrespective of your age, it is never too late to develop a stunning appearance. An orthodontist specializes in straightening crooked teeth and jaws. The specialists have skills in diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental issues. It is painful and challenging brushing for someone with crooked teeth and jaws. Misaligned dental anatomy can cause problems such like difficulty in speech, gum diseases, and frequent headaches.

At Orthodontist center in Memorial , we have well-qualified orthodontists and staffs who work together towards ensuring that our patients receive the correct care and treatment in the world through straightening up their teeth and correction of malocclusion. We use functional appliances and orthodontics headgear. At Braces treatment in Houston, we help build your self-confidence giving you the freedom to smile again without fear. We ensure the outcome of the treatment satisfies the expectations of our patients.


Memorial Braces treatment

We advise our patients when choosing the right braces that are suitable for their teeth based on their lifestyle, age, and budget. Through the use of modern technology in our center, we make the idea of wearing braces more attractive and practical. Use of props for the first time requires individual attention. One should avoid hard food such as nuts, carrots, and whole apples. We have different types of braces for all individuals depending on age, occupation, and commitments. The difference between orthodontics for children and that for adults is that the jawbones in adults are firm whereas they are still tender in kids. Thus, determining the choice of the braces to use.


The Right Time for Orthodontic Treatment in Children.

Our orthodontists decide the correct braces for your child. There is no determined age that the child should visit the orthodontist for the first time, but an early visit helps us realize a dental problem and advise the right time to start the treatment. We have the traditional metal braces and modern styles braces for children, which vary in costs. These pairs include;

• Ceramic -less noticeable and blend properly with the teeth.

• Lingual - use current brackets and wires. The props get placed behind the teeth.


• Invisalign Teen - guide the teeth into position.

• Retainer - stops the movement of the teeth after the treatment.

Braces for Adults

Many adults use the props since they understand the importance of keeping their teeth healthy as well as maintaining their image. We offer pairs that are customized, aesthetic, and comfortable to meet the clients’ expectations. The props range from clear braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating braces, and invisible braces. For your family and individual dental treatment, Orthodontist Center in Memorial is the place to be.


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