How to choose the right Energy Corridor orthodontist for your specific needs

Anyone that lives close to The Energy Corridor in Houston knows how difficult it can be to find a good orthodontist. Not because the area is devoid of good dentists offering Energy Corridor braces, but because there are so many of them.

Use these tips when looking for the right Energy Corridor orthodontist for your braces treatment, however, and you will easily find the top people for the job.


The top Invisalign orthodontists — The Invisalign company has a list of what they call the Top 1 Percent of Orthodontists currently offering Braces treatment in Memorial in the United States.

Find one of these orthodontists that also provides treatment for Energy Corridor braces, and you are just about guaranteed to be happy with the work that is done on your teeth.


A comprehensive office tour — Any dental clinic you visit when choosing an Energy Corridor orthodontist should offer you a comprehensive tour of their premises.

The tour should show you treatment and recovery rooms as well as waiting areas and any specialized rooms they have set aside for child patients. It should also include introductions to all of the key staff members.


Any clinic not offering you an in-depth look at their facility could be trying to hide something and is one you may want to avoid.

After school or after work treatments — Fitting in a braces treatment every month can be difficult if you work a regular job, or if your school-age child is the one having braces fitted and altered.


That is why it is essential to find an orthodontist offering after school or after work appointments. One that sticks rigidly to nine to five hours, with few or no evening and weekend hours, is just going to be one you become frustrated with quickly.

A 24-hour help line — Be sure the orthodontist you choose also has a 24-hour help line for any orthodontic emergencies you may encounter. These types of events are rare, but it still pays to be with the right orthodontist just in case you do ever experience one.


Affordable payment plans — Many people do not want to admit affording Energy Corridor braces treatments can be difficult. Particularly as these treatments are usually every month for a year or more.

Choose an orthodontist with affordable payment plans, however, and your financial problems will not seem so important.


These should include no down payment plans, options with zero interest, and low payments that can be spread out over many months or even years.

Avoid any Energy Corridor orthodontist that does not seem to be concerned about how their patients are going to pay for the braces treatment they need.


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