If you are looking for quality braces treatment in Houston, you should visit us. We have many options that will help to give you that perfect smile that you have always desired. A team of highly qualified and experienced orthodontists runs our Houston Ortho Center. Thus, you can always be assured of finding a solution from us no matter how bad your situation may seem.

Why You Should Choose Us

When we give you braces, they are going to improve the quality of your life. For one, they will give you that extra boost of confidence that you require to make it in your career and your social life. However, we do more than just give you braces. Our team of professionals will also give you important advice when you come for braces treatment in Houston. For instance, we will tell you which foods you should avoid. Besides that, we will teach you how to take care of your braces to ensure that you get the best results.

Invisalign Treatment

At our Ortho Center in Houston, we have some of the leading experts in Invisalign care working here. Today, braces are not the only option available for those who would like to correct their crooked smile.

Invisalign technology works via the use of clear aligners that apply gentle pressure to get them back in line. The aligners do not require tightening like braces. Instead, you will get a new series of aligners each time a certain position has been achieved. Additionally, you can switch them out yourself. The result is that you do not need a prolonged stay on the doctor’s chair as they are replaced. The aligners are created using 3D mapping technology. It means that they fit in your mouth perfectly.

The main reason patients ask for Invisalign treatment is if they want to keep their treatment private. Additionally, with Invisalign treatment, you will not have to alter your diet. The Invisalign treatment cannot be used for all dental problems. For us to determine if it works for you, schedule an appointment today.

Our treatment is also available to young kids. The treatment options for kids usually begin at the age of seven. However, even younger kids require consultative services. It is essential to determining if they may require dental treatment in future. It will allow you to make plans ahead of time such as getting comprehensive insurance cover.

Consultations and Appointments

The most important consultation is the first one. It will allow our team to become acquainted with you. Additionally, it will allow us to assess your situation. It will allow us to recommend the best treatment options. We also have a very flexible schedule. We try us much as we can to ensure that your dental appointments do not interfere with your career. Visit us today and enjoy our quality dental services. 

Dr. Vladimir Tabakman is the author of this article. To know more about Braces Houston please visit our website: orthodonticshouston.com